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Global Investment Promotion Agency

As a manufacturer of household intelligent cleaning robots, we continue to maintain product updates, unique fashion design, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences research and development team, the most intelligent chip core system, with the most powerful competitive advantage, now facing the world sincerely recruit agents. Each country sincerely recruit general agent or regional agent, we will give the best support, to help you do the best in the shortest time, quickly occupy the market. Douding will reach a comprehensive strategic cooperation with you and make an outstanding contribution to every family in the world.

Help Our Customers Succeed

Quick Response Time

Keep proactive and understanding, Full day 24 hours service for you, and make sure your problems are resolved quickly.

Market analysis

We have experienced international market research team, more professional research segmentation of your target market, to help you position your products, and ultimately win the market.

Product upgrade

Market competition is fierce, the product must continue to update and upgrade, in order to better help you in the market leading position. We have a design and development team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with an annual research and development budget of 2 million, only we are your most powerful backing

Quality Assurance

We are very proud of the quality of our products. If there is a problem in the process of use, we will maintain it for life. Protect your rights.

Experienced sales consultant team
Douding's sales consulting team can help you develop a full range of household intelligent cleaning robots, gather the largest resources in the industry, to achieve a historic breakthrough. Have more than 10 years of international trade service experience, have unique insights in product selling points, marketing planning. Choosing the right people to cooperate with is more important than choosing the right products. Douding can be your most powerful backing.
The process of our cooperation
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Collect customer idear

1 Day

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Product analysis report

3 Day

< 3 >

Design and solution

7 Day

< 4 >

Production and packaging

50 Day

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Continuous improvement and service